why when setting up satellite TV when moving to another satellite first setting disappears

Why among the men of genius in every five is left-handed ???

In ancient times, wine-makers boil the grapes in special containers made of lead?

Who is this cutie?)))

What famous in mid-November, the 22-year-old guy from Tomsk?

What is your opinion ?


What the tightrope Walker?

What Gennady Onishchenko, called the “chemical weapons”?

One of inhabitants of Omsk have declared war on an imperfect road surface?

What is the motto for 2016 fell to You?

Remember the first 3 words, and they will be your motto in 2016

Can a PIANIST without hands ???And are there such cases ???

How did you spend the international day without the Internet?

Talked live with relatives, did some sports, finally read your favorite book?

Who is stronger 3 P-O or R2-D2?

— And remember, in the childhood ate a lilac with five petals? — And remember, in my childhood were mittens with elastic?

— And remember, in my childhood were mittens with elastic? — And how they built huts in the rooms of chairs and blankets? — Who in the childhood…

what things are?

What detail in Your car – wooden?)))

also noticed that epanutin questions among those who crown under the awa?

Why not love Tina?? EXT+

Tweeted “Thought this year should definitely learn how to swim well. Nice) ” And its all fuckin ” reason. Why such attitude towards her? https://twitter.com/tina_kandelaki/status/695236159237156864

What a stupid habit we have to congratulate all of you and tell each other kind words, if we want completely different?

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